Norwegian Cruise Line makes changes to room service


It seems that Norwegian Cruise Line has decided that it is time to make changes to their room service system that they currently have in place. In the next few months it’s said that the cruise company will start charging $3.95 per room service that is ordered between midnight and 5am.

Annemarie Mathews who is the Norwegian Cruise Line spokeswoman said “the charge is being instituted in order to cut down on food waste, which she said was more of an issue during the early a.m. hours.”

I guess you can see why they have to put this in place, as some passengers do not like leaving their room finding uneaten food waste all along the corridors. Maybe it will cut down on the food waste, as most passengers will not want to pay extra charges.

Norwegian Cruise Line have also announced they will now offer their popular Pizza delivery service 24/7, which is currently available on Norwegian Epic across all their fleet.

Norwegian’s senior vice president of hotel operations Michael Flesch said “Our guests have deemed the 24-hour pizza delivery on-board Norwegian Epic a popular addition to our innovative Freestyle Dining options.”

The 16-inch stone baked pizzas that are handmade, are currently priced $5 each and passengers who order beverages or pizza delivery between midnight and 5am will not be charged the late-night service fee in addition to the $5

What is important to remember is that NCL room service is complimentary throughout the day except from midnight to 5am when an overnight surcharge of $3.95 is charged per order.

Do you agree with the changes that NCL have made to their room service options, or do you think room service should be free all the time? Please let us know what you think in the comment box below. You can read more here.

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