Princess Cruises: Virus deja vu and awards


It was only last month that we reported on passengers and crew being affected by the Norovirus on board the Sea Princess, but it seems we have a bit of déjà vu going on at the minute. On the 19th June there was apparently another outbreak on the Sea Princess where 53 passengers were affected by the highly contagious gastroenteritis infection.

According to the Centres for Disease Control this has been the fourth outbreak since the 10th May 2011 and it’s now said that the federal government is investigating them.

Norovirus is prevented through hand washing, good food preparation and cleaning of infected surfaces. Could this virus be spreading because the passengers are not using the sanitising gel that is available on the ship?

On some ships like Celebrity there is always a crew member making sure that you use the sanitising gel before you board the ship and also before you enter the food courts/restaurants. Maybe this needs to be enforced on all cruise ships to keep the hygiene levels under control and to prevent outbreaks like the Norovirus.

Karen Candy who is the spokeswomen for Princess Cruises said, “In addition to our cleaning procedures, we rely on passengers’ compliance and good hygiene habits and the two of these must work in tandem to eradicate an outbreak.”

On a more positive note Princess Cruises has won 3 prestigious TV awards earning distinction in the Documentary Cinematography and Travel & Tourism categories. Go North is one of ten collectors edition DVDs that are available for purchase on board the Princess ships. This film was directed and produced by Princess Cruises Scott David Martin who is an award winning filmmaker.

Princess executive vice president Jan Swartz said, “‘Go North’ is such a unique look at the history of what made southeast Alaska what it is today, particularly the fascinating legacy of gold rush era,”

Do you think all cruise ships need to up their hygiene levels amongst the passengers and crew? Please share your thoughts with others in the comment box below. You can read more on the Norovirus outbreak here and also their 3 prestigious TV awards here.

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  • Sick Princess

    I was on the last ship and did get sick and we were never informed of previous outbreaks nor compensated for the two days I was quarantined; All for $$$ and CYA. Princess should have docked the boat and waited the appropriate period of time until the virus completely died off, just like what was expected of sick passengers quarantined to their staterooms. At the very least, credit back days passengers were quarantined.
    They knew they had an epidemic on their hands by the time I boarded.  The virus was on the boat each week prior to our departure. This wasn’t brought on by passengers.  I saw information that there were cases of the outbreak in the same staterooms each week. I consider that negligent since elderly and small children or people with suppressed immune systems were on board.
    There was no “carelessness” on my part nor any of the other passengers regarding sanitation. It seems obvious the methods Princess use to “clean” the boat didn’t work to eliminate the virus but were done to appease the CDC and calm passengers.   I asked the crew and doctors many questions about how many were sick, were there sick people prior and was told they couldn’t answer that.
    Everyone on the boat paid the price here. Service was minimal and slow because the crew was too busy washing down railings, cleaning staterooms and serving up dishes.  Convenience went out the window as self serve became wait to be served. Some restaurants were closed early. The crew seemed tired and unenthusiastic and rightly so. They probably were sick themselves.  Now I don’t see a way Princess can avoid this but I find it ironic that they create and profit from the very environment where this kind of thing flourishes. If this is a cost of doing business then they should assume that cost.