Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 fails inspection


On the 10th June Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 failed a vessel sanitation program inspection scoring a low 84 out of 100. The average score is said to be 86. According to the report there were improperly maintained water tanks, food and wine was not stored properly and there were even a few cockroaches.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conduct surprise cleanliness exams twice a year on a number of cruise ships. Apparently it is very rare that a large ship fails an inspection and since the 1st January 2011 16 ships have had perfect scores, including The Disney Dream, Oasis of the Seas and Celebrity Century.

Cunard have said, “Poor assessment on 10 June resulted largely from one small area of the ship’s overall operation. All the issues raised in the report were immediately addressed and have now been corrected.”

In July 2010, Queen Mary 2 sailed through the inspection with a high score of 98. So the question has to be if it can pass with flying colors one year why not the other? To be honest all cruise lines need to make sure their ships are extremely clean at all times, but passengers also need to be aware of cleanness and make sure that they use sanitizer gel frequently thought-out the day to keep the passenger hygiene on the ship 100%.

Have you been on a cruise ship that you thought was not up to standard? Please share your thoughts with others in the comment box below. You can read more here.

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  • Anonymous

    Yuck! and you pay good money to board the Queen Mary 2 and other cruise line ships. We cruised in the Caribbean recently and I have to say that I found everything on the ship form the food to the staterooms to the toilets to be well abocve average. I found a great travel forum site at airlineslodgingetc com where you can comment on your own travel experiences.

  • Anthony Eli Gaiani Jr

    You know what? QM2 is in a different class than all those other “cruise ships” this news reporter has referenced. look at those lesser known cruise ships that don’t even rank on the 6 star ratings, then tell me how bad QM2 is. Every year since her debut in 2004 she has won Bes Luxury Ship. Last year, on the Gold level from Zagat.