Singles cruise, what’s popular?

Choosing the right cruise holiday for your family can be hard at times, but for people on their own it is even harder. Single cruises are a great choice for people traveling alone, and you know that you will be able to meet new people and also feel safe and relaxed and there will be plenty of daily activities for you to participate in.

There are a number of single cruises available that sail to the Canary Islands, which is a popular destination with single passengers, especially those who are looking for a sunshine break, the Baltic, which feature stops at historic cities and Norway, which features a stunning coastline. Most cruise lines deal with solo passengers everyday and now some ships even provide guests with single cabins, so if you fancy a cruise that is not just for singles than you know your needs can still be catered for.

Most cruise lines like P&O and NCL will hold a welcoming party for singe guests, where you can get to know other single passengers who share the same interests as you. One thing some single passengers might find hard is the idea of dinning alone, but on a cruise you don’t have to as most restaurants will have a table available so that all the single passengers can sit together if they wish.

Have you traveled alone on a cruise ship before? Please share your experiences with others in the comment box below. You can read more here.

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