Cruise ships for everyone – retired, married, singles and kids


Just a few years ago the idea of going on a cruise holiday was not something families thought about, but cruise liners realized this and wanted to reach out to a much wider market, which they have now done by designing larger ships and having more activities and dinning options that will suit different age groups.

By making this change the cruise market last year alone grew to more than 13 million passengers booking a cruise holiday. To have the best cruise experience, passengers are told to make sure that they pick the right ship for their requirements, whether that be a family friendly ship or an adult only ship.

There are a number of great family friendly ships that have plenty of activities for the kids to do and also great kids clubs. The ships that seem popular with families are the Disney ships, which tend to feature Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and also Royal Caribbean, which offers dream-works animation with characters such as Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar.

For those of you who are single and are looking to go on a cruise, it is recommended that you go on an organized singles cruise or even an adult only ship. Currently the Norwegian Epic is said to be the first ship with a dedicated area just for single adults including a private Living Room and staff-coordinated activities.

Cruise liners Celebrity, Princess and Holland America are great ships if you fancy a less crowded environment and a more personal touch. They are not Adult only ships but have far fewer children on-board who are normally occupied in the fantastic kids clubs.

If you are a couple with no kids and fancy just a quite holiday where you can relax then the adult only ships could be for you. There are not many adult only ships in service but P&O have two great ships that are dedicated to just that, they are the Artemis, and the Acadia.

I can say that cruising has personally changed the way I travel and like most people who have experienced a cruise the feeling of waking up in a different port most days is magical. Cruising is something that everyone should experience at some point in their life, well as long as you like ships that is.

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