Mickey Mouse will ring Disney Cruise passengers

If you book a Disney Cruise with Virgin Holidays between 23rd May 2011 and the 31st July 2011, your kids will get a personal phone call from Mickey Mouse telling them that they are going on a Disney Cruise. This is a great way to let them know you are all going on a cruise holiday.

Disney Cruise is a magical adventure for all the family and there is something for everyone from adult only restaurants, children’s programs and a luxurious spa.

There are 4 Disney cruise line ships that mix elegance with fun. The first ship is Disney Magic, which blends grace and beauty with all the modern technology and luxuries. Second is Disney Wonder, which is a family-friendly Disney Cruise Line ship that is distinguished for its sophisticated design and modern innovation. The third ship in the fleet is Disney Dream, which is renowned for its Art Deco design and onboard facilities, and the latest addition is Disney Fantasy, which is a majestic cruise liner featuring state-of-the-art facilities and opulent Art Nouveau design.

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Has your child had a phone call from Mickey? If so what was there reaction? Please share your cruise experiences with others in the comment box below.

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