Autism on the Seas: a dedicated cruise service


The other day we came across a great site called Autism on the Seas that caters for families living with Autism and related disabilities. Autism of the Seas is a dedicated cruise service that meets the needs of individuals with Autism and other disabilities.

All the staff on the ship have experience in working with children of all ages with developmental disabilities, primarily autism, so you know that your child will be cared for and well looked after while you get time to do something you don’t normally do, and that’s relax.

I have a child with Autism and I know how hard it is to go on holiday and make sure there are things for them to do. We’ve been on a number of cruises but found the kids clubs were not great for kids with Autism, so by having the choice of going on a cruise dedicated to children with Autism is fantastic.

Currently Autism of the Seas only sails from the US but in 2013 they are hoping to provide the UK with this service, sailing from UK ports. You can read more on the great service Autism of the Seas provides here.

Have you been on a cruise with Autism on the Seas? And would you be interested in taking part in the first European cruise from the UK in 2013? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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  • Asmith2354

    Yes, I would go on a cruise from the UK. I have a 4 year old autistic daughter and have looked at at cruising with autism on the seas but have been put off by the flight to the USA so this would be perfect for us!

  • Nikkithenutter

    Hi we couldn’t get help from this this yr so were bravin it for short cruise to Norway with my 10 yr old autistic son but got some great advice from autism on the seas great news if they can get goin from uk I would defo be be one to jump at that chance holiday can be just so stressful for everyone and so unfair on the kids autism on the seas seem to just make everything that little bit easier ( who wouldn’t jump at that opportunitylol) il book the min I hear can’t wait

  • K mum 2 P

    this would suit myself and my lad ….just back from a 4 day break in spain by plane  …was okay but to many stares as dont understand my lad ….Autism on the Seas Hopefully our 2013 Break ….