No fly Antoinette cruise from Amsterdam, maiden voyage

Uniworld have just launched the first of their new ships for 2011 with S.S Antoinette, which was christened on the 19th March in a fantastic ceremony at the Dutch port of Amsterdam. The quay at Amsterdam had been decked out with flags and balloons to mark this occasion.

After the customary bottle of Champagne was smashed against the ship’s hull, the passengers were welcomed on board the ship before she started her first trip across the Ÿssellake Lake.

The president of Uniworld Guy Young said that “we are introducing three new ships: the River Victoria in Russia, the Douro Spirit in Portugal and Spain and, of course, the S.S. Antoinette”.

The Antoinette is a river cruiser that can hold 164 passengers and features 82 staterooms over three decks, reception rooms, huge dining room and a swimming pool. Once you are on board all you have to do is just sit back and relax and enjoy the cruise experience. You can read more about the ceremony here.

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