MSC cruise ship Opera, passenger ordeal and credit


A cruise ship that was carrying hundreds of British passengers was rescued by a number of tugboats after the MSC Opera lost all its electrical power in the Baltic Sea. The ship was towed to Nynamshamn, a port near Stockholm, Sweden where a team from MSC Cruises was apparently sent to Sweden to assist the passengers.

The 59,000-ton MSC Opera cruise ship apparently had an explosion in one of the main engines; reports say that the captain tried to carry on with the trip but the other main engine also failed.

The ship departed Southampton on the 7th May for a 10-day cruise to ports in Helsinki, Copenhagen and St Petersburg, but this trip came to an end on the 14th May when the electrical failure happened.

According to a number of passengers, they were left in the dark about what was happening for a few hours. Reports say that a number of passengers directed their anger towards the captain and started shouting for him but the captain never showed up, instead they were offered a free drink.

One passenger said “there is no electricity and no water, so the toilets are dirty. The hallways are dark, and there is no air conditioning,”

Public relations manager for MSC Cruises Julianne Carelli said “the disembarking process was longer than normal since the Opera could not dock at the port. As a result, another ship had to transport passengers to shore.”

The company issued a press release on Tuesday saying that all passengers were given a credit voucher for the full amount of the 10-day cruise.

Were you on the MSC Opera at the time? Please share your cruise experience with others in the comment box below. You can read more about what passengers had to say here.

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