Chinese immigrants allegedly smuggled to NY on Queen Mary 2

Any smuggling should be taken seriously and with stepped up security in most countries, you would think that we’re as tight as things can get. This does not seem the case as some Chinese immigrants have allegedly been smuggled into New York via the Queen Mary 2.

Being the first case of its kind in the New York area has caused this news to be highlighted by most main stream media outlets, and according to the Daily Mail, a Malaysian man was given around $3,000 for every passenger that was found, nine Chinese immigrants in this case, five women and four men.

This unusual because normal we’d hear about people being smuggled via boxes in small boats, but in this case they were found on one of the most luxurious cruise ships on the seas, the QM2 (Queen Mary 2).

We have not travelled on the QM2 but have seen it up close, the boat is first class all the way and has luxuries many other cruise ships lack, an astonishing way for immigrants to get to the United States.

You can read more about statements from officials in this article. Do you think that smugglers are getting more creative thanks to harder crackdowns on port security?

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