Hundreds hear plans for South Carolina cruise terminal

The interest for a cruise terminal on South Carolina’s coast, estimated to cost $25 million, was shown by about 400 people who attended a forum on plans for this project.

Local Mayor of Charleston, Joe Riley, made it clear that this was an opportunity the city shouldn’t miss. If the project goes ahead it will also open up parts of the waterfront for local residents.

The state’s existing terminal is aging, and while the new one is planned to replace this up Cooper River, some residents voiced their concerns and asked for it to be away from their neighborhood by building the terminal farther up the river.

Miami Herald points out that the cruise business is growing in South Carolina, and this was shown by a rally of 100 supporters before the forum. Although Andrew Zitofsky, an urban planner, feels that the planned terminal area can benefit more from new homes, shops, and parks. Stating that it’s his opinion the terminal should be farther north.

You can read more differences of opinion in this article. What do you think about the planned South Carolina cruise terminal?

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