Windsor Cruises Ltd to bring cruise ships to Amherstburg

Any town that can attract cruise ships will gain so much, especially when the tourists start spending money in the local shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Today we hear that cruise ships will be coming to Amherstburg, Canada. Thanks to a license deal with Windsor Cruises Ltd, cruise ships will be moored off the Navy Yard Park. Current the deal has been set for one-year, although there is the possibility of an additional two years.

According to Amherstburg Echo and CAO Pam Malott, the council agreed the installation of moorings back in February that will allow for large passenger boats, cruise crafts, and tall ships.

The agreement between the council and Windsor Cruises Ltd has allowed for at least seven trips in 2011, which run return journeys from Windsor and Amherstburg.

You read more about the deal on Amherstburg Echo. What do you think about this latest cruise expansion?

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