PSA say UK cruise holidays booming

When you see many of your friends and family heading away on a cruise, its easy to think that everyone is taking up cruising, but this would not be an accurate way of finding out if a certain industry is booming.

This is why the Passenger Shopping Authority (PSA) is great for insight into the travel industry, and explains in numbers how the cruise business is doing. According to PSA, by the way of Travel Mole, 2010 saw cruising become one in nine of UK package holidays booked. This showed a 6% growth in cruise holidays taken by those in the UK, which accounted for 11.5% of package holidays (14 million) and 4.5% of all foreign holidays (36.1 million).

Many passengers aim to get a cruise leaving the UK without the need for a flight, which Southampton has helped with the amount of cruise ships leaving that port. Around 40% of all UK cruises are from a British port, and Southampton has earned that title of “busiest port in Northern Europe”.

The budget is now more important that ever, and spending can run away with you while aboard. This is why families are going for the all-inclusive option so the budget is easier to stick to, which PSA stated “24%” were specifically looking for all-inclusive.

Cruises can run for a few months or as little as a few days, PSA state that 2010 saw the average cruise last 10.2 days, which is down from 2009 (11.1 days). You can read more stats over on

Have you started cruising yet, and if so, what are the benefits to you?

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