Celebrity continue to deliver the 5 star cruise experience


When looking back at the history of cruising, and going back many years ago you will hear the same thing, cruising has been classed as a luxury holiday that only the rich could afford. Today things are very different.

You can find budget cruises that include nearly anything for one price, although you could build a large bill from onboard cards that are billed at the end of your cruise. Our first cruise that we experienced was a Celebrity ship, named the Eclipse. Having traveled on other ships since, you’re shown right away how most other brands give you a different experience to Celebrity.

The new Solstice-class ships from Celebrity continue the exceptional cuisine, attentive service, and grand style with a modern twist.

It’s the little things – all the bells and whistles are great on cruise ships, which Celebrity has, but it’s the little things that really count, and are remembered when you come home. The focus on hand-sanitizers that you “must” use before boarding the ship or enter a restaurant, other ships are optional. From the real marble and wood throughout the ship, and the way you can ask for almost anything and always get a yes, or service that goes out of it’s way to try and deliver.

Celebrity cruises aim to bring you the 5 star cruise experience, and they deliver on this, which we’ve felt first hand during our review of the “Eclipse”, and from those that have traveled on a Celebrity cruise themselves. Most people would agree, you must try Celebrity before stating you’ve found the best.

Let’s hope other cruise lines try the Celebrity experience, and adopt some of this service to their cruise lines.

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