UK Director Job Created For Princess Cruises


Senior sales manager Paul Ludlow from Carnival UK has just been promoted to his new position of UK director for Princess Cruises, as from July 2011. Paul’s job will see him oversee the new, dedicated Princess Cruises reservations department and customer care. Paul will also be working very closely with yield management teams and Complete Cruise Solution’s sales.

Peter Shanks who is the Present UK director for Princess Cruises UK will now spend all his time working with Cunard, where he is currently the president and managing director.

David Dingle, who is the Carnival UK chief executive, announced this change at the UK Cruise Convention in Southampton. He said, “Princess Cruises’ business in the UK has achieved a significant scale now is an appropriate time to appoint a senior executive dedicated exclusively to providing the highest level as business continues to grow.”

Princess Cruises currently operates a fleet of 17 ships and is now one of eleven cruise ship companies operated by Carnival Corporation & PLC.

Do you think that by Princess Cruises having their own dedicated department, more people might be inclined to book knowing that they are getting a more personal service? Let us know in the comment box below. You can read more on this here.

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