Bar Harbor officially launches Cruise Ship season


According to the first cruise ship of the season has been spotted in Bar Harbor launching a great tourist season. Cruise liner Maasdam is a 720-foot ship and arrived on Friday, bringing around 1,300 passengers to the Harbor.

Reports say that Bar Harbor will be visited around 118 times by 20 different cruise ships during this season with the next ship due to arrive in a weeks time.

Its said that Bar Harbor welcomes around 147,000 passengers from May to October. Bar Harbor is the charm of a New England fishing village and all the attractions of a major port. The biggest tourist attraction is said to be the 41,000-acre Acadia National Park, which is said to be one of the smallest National Parks in the country.

Another great ship that is due to make an appearance is Cunard’s latest ship the Queen Elizabeth, who will be on her maiden voyage bringing more then 150,000 passengers and crew to Mount Desert Island.

Are you taking a trip to Bar Harbor this year? Let us know how your cruise experience was in the comment box below.

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