One-of-a-kind cruise, Rivers of West Africa

Have you ever fancied going on a West Africa cruise, but did not really know which cruise line to book with to get the best experience possible. Well we have come across a great cruise that features 10 great sights of West Africa, including People harvesting salt by hand from the salt flats, A musician who plays the kora, which is a 21-string West African instrument and a look at the chimps in the gigantic trees Gambia National Park.

The cruise boat is called M/Y Pegasus, and is a 45-meter yacht that was built in 1990, and can hold 42 passengers and 16 crew members. This fantastic yacht belongs to Variety Cruises. The yacht is said to have air-conditioned cabins, fantastic food, and a very professional crew.

Its said that this cruise is ideal for those of you who have cruised before and know that the Atlantic Ocean can be rocky at times, but once you are at your destination you will have around five nights on the smooth Gambia River. One great thing about this cruise boat is that if you choose to go on a shore excursion you will be greeted back on board with a hot towel and a drink before you head back to your air-conditioned cabin to freshen up.

There are a few important facts that you need to be aware of before you travel one being that you will need to bring plenty of cash with you as there are no ATMs, and most importantly of all you will need to take Malaria pills and it’s also recommended that you have the Yellow fever immunization before you travel.

So if you think that this sounds like the cruise you would love to experience than you can get more information from Variety Cruises and Boston-based Odysseys Unlimited. You can read more about this great cruise at

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