Royal Caribbean discounts to fill ships in Europe this season


For those of you who have the cruise bug like myself, you might have already noticed that a number of cruise lines like Royal Caribbean have started to offer discounts and great last minute deals in order to fill their ships this season. This is because the air travel costs have risen due to the impact of fuel costs and the disaster in Japan and the Middle East.

According to, Royal Caribbean officials said they have managed to boost the demand for cruises in Europe by lowering their prices. Last month Carnival Cruise Lines have reportedly lowered their expected income for the year, also due to fuel increases.

Carnival Cruise Lines released their new ship, called Carnival Magic, in Europe last week and in November the ship will arrive at the homeport in Galveston, Texas. Royal Caribbean International are said to have a total of 11 ships in its fleet, that’s three more then last year.

Adam Goldstein who is the CEO and Royal Caribbean International president said that he is confident that when 12 ships are positioned in Europe next year they will perform well. Celebrity Cruises who are the sister company of Royal Caribbean will have their largest European deployment with a total of 6 ships in 2012.

Have you managed to get yourself a great deal on one of these cruise lines above? If so let us know in the comment box below.

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