Gay and lesbian group cruise on Allure of the Seas


Those of you who love to cruise will be aware of the new ship from Royal Caribbean that was launched on the 20 November 2010 called the Allure of the Seas. This ship made its Maiden voyage 1st December 2010 and can hold 5,400 passengers. Allure of the Seas is 16 decks high, nearly 1,200 feet long and features a family-friendly area called Boardwalk.

USA Today have reported that Concierge Travel – who are a major gay and lesbian vacation organizer – have announced that they will host a gay group on board this ship from the 3rd January 2012 to the 8th January 2012 sailing for 5 nights from Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean. This is said to be a family-friendly outing and will include cocktail parties and group dinners.

Kim Gustavsson in Houston, Texas founded concierge Travel in 1997, and is a gay-owned travel agency and tour operator that is said to provide a highly personalized service to all guests.

This cruise is said to be taking place just two weeks before Atlantis Events – the world’s largest company specializing in gay and lesbian vacations – charters the entire ship for a 7 night cruise to the Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale.

We would love to hear your views and experiences on these vacations from either of the above agencies in the comment box below.

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